It doesn`t matter if you are far from your sister…

It doesn`t matter if you are far from your sister…

Posted on December 13, 2013 by TZARO team

Bis&little sister necklaceHow many times have you got gifts which are exactly the things you want or need? Do you always know what kind of present should you make for the closest and dearest people, especially looking for such gifts as necklaces for women? Sometimes a simple and pleasant process of choosing the gift may become a real torture, especially when you are not sure what exactly do you need. I`d like to make the process of choosing sister pendants easier, sharing with you some pieces of advice.

Have you seen a new golden big sister jewelry complemented with an inscription “Big sister and Little sister”? What can be better than a personalized golden pendant in the shape of heart? The set of 2 necklaces comprises 2 pendants with 2 18″ chains included. Each pendant is a part of one heart. Sister heart necklace is made of high quality gold stainless steel. The size of every pendant is 1 inch. It doesn`t matter if you are away from you big or little sister – with such big sister necklace a little part of you will be with your sibling.


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