Sorry Girls, JoBros Lose Their Purity Rings!

Sorry Girls, JoBros Lose Their Purity Rings!

Posted on April 17, 2014 by TZARO team

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I was talking with some P/QF survivors recently, and they brought up something that's always bugged me about the rampant symbolism (and corresponding lack of substance) in all things P/QF. Many of them had been given either purity/promise rings or some kind of heart locket. From where I sit, these promise ring meaning things just give young girls and women something else to feel guilty or dutiful about, renders them little more than property to be traded, and puts a bunch of emphasis on superficial and external things which have a whole heck of a lot to do with nothing regarding the genuine measure of a person.

None of these purists ever admits the sexist nature of this request and instead wrap it up in God and the bible. This is about nothing but controlling women and indoctrinating young girls to believe that their bodies belong to their future husbands. One of the things that galls me about whats a promise ring this nonsense is they never for one minute consider any sexuality that isn't heterosexual. What if you have no desire to have a dick inside you are you supposed to remain chaste all of your life? Oops s'cuse me, forgot that bigots usually don't consider sex between women to be sex.

The process of dating and pre-engagement is more flexible than ever, and promise and pre-engagement rings are no exception. While most couples exchange promise or pre-engagement rings as a way of expressing their decision to eventually get married, the tradition of promise or pre-engagement rings is open to creativity. For some, a promise or pre-engagement ring might signify a decision to remain celibate before they get married or engaged. These promise or pre-engagement rings are also sometimes called " purity " rings Other couples exchange promise or pre-engagement rings when they decide to live together before getting married, to mark the transition from dating to being a co-habiting couple.

I know I’m not having sex. I know why I’m not having sex. It’s not that I don’t want to have sex, or that I’m scared of sex, or that I don’t think that people should have sex. I just know that it’s something that I want to do, and want to do only with someone I feel most extraordinarily comfortable and secure with, and for it not to be outside of God’s intentions for sexual intimacy, and for me, that relationship would be a marriage. All of that won’t fit on a silver band, and I don’t think “Purity” or “For my beloved I will wait” summarizes it accurately.

Worth The Wait offers Purity Rings , Christian Purity Jewelry , Abstinence Necklaces and Christian Themed Purity T-Shirts as well as Christian Abstinence Teaching Materials Purity Rings and Abstinence Bands for young men and women making commitments to purity and abstinence and declaring promise rings meaning it is worth the wait with Christian Purity Jewelry and Purity Themed T-Shirts. The rings are popular with both boys and girls. The young men often wear rings with Crosses on them and the young women's rings will have smaller crosses or words such as purity or true love waits.





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