A wonderful Daughter gift idea!

Posted on March 22, 2014 by TZARO team

il_570xN.424443364_bz7mTo be a mom of a daughter is a very special role.  Besides being an adviser and supporter your most important duty is to be her best friend. When you were waiting for her birth you were dreaming how you would spend your time together sharing your womanlike secrets and doing all the things all girls like to do: going shopping, buying fashion magazines, discussing jewelry trends and polishing your nails. Friendship between you and your daughter is endless, there can be no betrayals or envy between tyou two. Our Heart Necklace “Mother Daughter Forever Friends” is a perfect symbol of special relationships between mother and daughter.

Express your timeless love and devotion to your daughter with the help of this lovely daughters necklace. The two hearts pendant and 18” chains are made of high-quality stainless steel. This material makes the necklace  look shiny and smooth. Your daughter can wear it non-stop and be sure it will not loose its high gloss and attractive appearance. The pendant is engraved with an inscription “Mother daughter forever friends” and conveys a touching message of your dedication and readiness to be next to your daughter in good and bad times.

Surprise your princess with such a lovely gift and she will never take this sign of your great love off her neck!

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Elegant Mother’s Ring

Posted on March 20, 2014 by TZARO team
Can jewelry for mother be elegant and touching in the same time? Yes, it can and our Mothers Heart Ring “My Mom is My Angel” is the best proof! Infused by everything best that a heart symbol represents our designers created a tender ring that combines in itself elegance and romantic flavour. The ring looks … More Elegant Mother’s Ring

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