Awesome Necklaces for Big sis&Little sis

Posted on March 15, 2014 by TZARO team

il_fullxfull.485042025_bcyeTwo sisters are like the perfect team – they do everything together, support each other, help and advise. It is a great hapinness to have sister, a person with whom you can share everything that is in your heart and be sure she will keep it in secret and wish you just the best. Being sisters is like being best friends without any chance of betraying or lying to each other. If you have a sister that means your destiny presented you with your personal guardian angel that lives on this Earth. Being inspired by the great love and devotion between sister our experts created Sister Monogram Necklaces Set.

Each of the necklaces consists of monogram pendant and 18” chains. They are made of high-quality gold stainless steel and look fancy. The chic style of the set makes it very attractive. This sister necklaces set is a nice example of family jewelry that looks stylish and elegantly. Both of sisters will enjoy wearing such sweet whimsical necklaces. Buy the set now and you will receive free jewelry pillow case as a pleasant addition to affordable price and quick service.

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Lucky Wishbone Necklace for your Sister

Posted on March 12, 2014 by TZARO team

il_fullxfull.559808481_nhi3If you want to present your sister with some sweet piece of sisters jewelry that can bring luck into her life choose our Wishbone Necklace “Good Luck Sister”!

This sister necklace consists of wishbone pendant and 18” chains and is made of high-quality gold stainless steel. The pendant is engraved with an inscription “Good luck sister”. What a wonderful and inspiring necklace! First of all it looks very nice and attractive. Its design is fancy and unusual. This beautiful lucky necklace will become your sister’s favorite accessory. By giving her this necklace you will demonstrate you devotion and refined taste.Besides it will be such a touching gift your sister will appreciate a lot.

Make your sister happy by giving her such a nice gift! This necklace will always bring her support and luck. It will become her favorite talisman and she will never take it off. If you want to express your love with the help of something timeless our wishbone necklace will be a perfect choice for you.

Purchase it online at our store! You will be surprised with an affordable price we offer to you and pleased with free jewelry pillow case you will get as a gift from us.

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