One heart for two souls

One heart for two souls

Posted on February 25, 2014 by TZARO team

il_fullxfull.485030063_3p2eCan one heart be shared by two persons? Yes, if we talk about mother and daughter. They know each other better than anyone else do. They need each other more than fish needs water. They are always together in their hearts even if big distance separates them. Our Mother Daughter Gold Necklace set is an ambodiment of their tender relationships and propinquity.

Two heart pendants with engravings “Mom” and “Daughter”are made of High quality Gold Stainless Steel with 18” chains included. The set is made in classical and distinguished style, being suitable for people of all generations: both mom and daughter will look awesome wearing these necklaces. Every time they appear in society everyone will pay attention to their original accessories.This necklace set represents the idea of the deep love and devotion of mother and daughter. Being such a touching gift it is created to be a reminder of the feelings the dearest people share with each other.

Our Mother Daughter Gold Necklace set is a perfect Mother’s Day idea. Presenting your mom with this personalized momgift you will tell her in a symbolic way that her heart belongs to her. Or it can be a sweet daughter gift. Express your love and willingness to help any moment your daughter needs it.

This necklace set is a lovely family jewelry that will always stay next to your dear person and remind her of your special relationships full of thansfulness and tenderness!

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