Promise Ring Lyrics

Promise Ring Lyrics

Posted on April 24, 2014 by TZARO team

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What does a Promise Ring Mean

So, what does a promise ring mean to you, as person that will give it to other person? It’s easy. The promise ring is a proof. It’s a proof that you are really mean it with what you just promised. To show your commitment to your promise, you symbolize with a ring. This is what the real meaning or promise ring. Is that all? Of course, it’s not. The shape of the ring is also a symbol of your promise. What does a promise ring mean with this stuff? The promise ring uses many unique designs on the stone frame and the stone itself.

Two best friends usually exchange promise rings too. They exchange such rings when they are going to be separated. The cause of the separation can be various like moving to another country or working at a distance place. By the way, primise ring in this case? Well, it is a symbol for honoring or appreciating their extraordinary relationship. They want to keep together for a long time, but their situation requires them to separate. In order to remain of each other, many people opt for matching rings. What Does a Promise Ring Mean From Your Boyfriend

It is important for us who have seriously wanted to fulfill our promise with wearing the promise ring. However, it is not easy at all to keep our promise in our mind even we have already worn the promise ring. Because of that, some people who have already worn the promise ring and cannot keep their promise will continue wear the promise ring as the fashion style. For people who want to keep and fulfill their promise, they will need to always remember they promise with seeing on the promise ring that they worn.

The usage of promise ring nowadays has increased to the higher level than in the past time. If in the past time this promise ring usually used as the promise symbol of people who will come back again from war, in this time, this promise ring has many functions that will still represent the promise that people make. So, what does a promise ring mean in this era? The first and common usage of promise ring in this era is for giving promise to women or men that will be married by people who give the promise ring to them.

There isn't any principle saying about what hand you have to put on any what is a promise ring mean. A part of the charm is it could mean lots of things too many persons Usually although , couple often use it on their own ring hand , the 3rd little finger about the left-hand. This really is more prevalent if the ring emerges being a pre-engagement ring or even a chastity ring. That said numerous senses much more comfortable putting it on their own proper ring hand so that it does not get mistaken for an engagement ring.

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