What’s A Purity Ring.???

What’s A Purity Ring.???

Posted on April 13, 2014 by TZARO team

The Importance Of Promise Rings

Ever since Selena Gomez turned 12 years old, there’s one accessory you never catch her without—her purity ring. But lately, the 16-year-old has been seen sans ring while out and about with young Justin Bieber When they were seen holding hands outside an IHOP, no ring. When they were caught hugging and ran onto his tour bus in Miami, no ring. So did Selena lose the ring? Or does she keep forgetting to put it on in the morning? Or is this a sign that she’s ditched her chastity pledge and is on the road to Britney Spears-dom? She Knows

But, I’ve also had some good times with my purity ring. I’ve had some cool conversations about it with strangers when I’ve been cashiering at Target and they look at my hands. A lot of people like the intentions behind it, and I like both that their beliefs are affirmed in someone they encounter out in the real world, and I like for people to know that this is how I feel. It also doesn’t bother me when people find out, and have it affirmed every time they see the same ring on my hand, that I stuck to the goal I set for myself. It’s bittersweet.

While purity rings are more often given by parents to children, the same rings may also be used to symbolize a Christian couple's desire to honor God in their relationship. Used in this way, a set of purity rings can be a reminder to one another of their promise what is a promise ring to remain pure until marriage. You wrote that your parents gave you a purity ring. Do you think purity rings and abstinence pledges are effective? Purity rings and promise rings are here to stay. If you don’t believe it, start looking at fingers of today’s youth.

Another common type of promise ring is known as the purity ring Purity rings have a slightly different meaning than the typical pre-engagement promise ring The usual meaning of a purity ring is a promise to remain chaste or to abstain from something (usually pre-marital sex), but can also be used to symbolize purity ring meaning the promise to stay away from bad virtues such as drinking, drugs or smoking. It is common for a parent to give a child a purity ring with the promise that the childe will remain pure until marriage. This type of promise ring is becoming more and more popular in the United States and Europe.

I think the purity ring trend among young celebrities trivialized the seriousness of making such a big commitment at an age where you’re really just trying to figure out your place in the world. A commitment to a purity ring is a very long and sometimes difficult journey what are purity rings that nobody else should have a say in, and I didn’t understand that at 15 years old. What the media failed to shed light on is what happens to young people after the trend dies down and they’re left with a commitment that maybe some were not ready to make.





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