About TZARO-Jewelry

About TZARO-Jewelry

How Do We Made Our Jewelry:

Who is TZARO-Jewelry:

TZARO-Jewelry, inspired by the glamour of New York City, expresses passion in its design to bridge the gap between reality and fantasy. In a culture of ever-changing trends, TZARO shall remain an elegant expression of graceful style. While the world will tempt you with glitzy and gaudy elements, we will provide you with ageless elegance. TZARO-Jewelry is a poem rather than a story, a symphony rather than a sound. We find TZARO’s philosophy identifies our continuous efforts towards inspiring elegance

About the Creative Team:

After traveling and being inspired by fashion from all over globe, we decided it was time to turn our dream of having a jewelry line into a reality.    Founded in 2012, our main office is located in the heart of Williamsburg, surrounded by the breathtaking cityscape of NYC.  The panoramic views of this gorgeous city are the perfect backdrop for creating and designing new pieces.  We are always looking for new opportunities to branch out and make our product available to as many people as possible.  It is our goal to provide the highest quality jewelry and the best customer service possible.

Our Commitment to our Customers: 

Our main goal is to provide timeless and affordable fashion to everyone. We want to make sure that each and every person feels they have a piece in our collection that relates to him or her.  Whether it be a friend, family member or significant other, our designers are entrusted with constructing precious pieces that give everyone something special to gift to the most important people in their lives.  To ensure that everyone is able to look stunning in our designs, we offer daily discounts that make owning unique gems accessible to all.

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